Winery & gastronomy Heraklion

Crete is popular for its delicious and healthy cuisine, therefore the winery and gastronomy of Crete and Heraklio in particular is marvelous. The Cretan Diet was the topic of study that concluded its great health advantages and nutritional value. The utmost secret of the Cretan longevity and diet is olive oil. Crete is one of the biggest olive oil producers in Greece and its exquisite quality award winning olive products are internationally recognized. There are fine quality cheese varieties that are produced in Cretan Island. Cretans eat cheese in their lunch and dinner even in their breakfast or as a dessert. Mizithropitakia is a dessert that should be tasted (small pies stuffed with local cheese and garnished with Cretan honey). Further, Cretan cheeses (such as Graviera, mizithra and anthotyros) are highly used as the foundation in the preparation of several dishes, such as kalitsounia, koukouvayia (Cretan rusk with tomato, feta cheese, olives, oregano and olive oil), bougatsa and many other delicacies. A wide variety of flavor and healthy greens are produced by the Cretan land giving longevity to the local people. The greens such as ‘lapatha’, ‘maratha’, ‘galatsides’ etc are used for the preparation of the delicious ‘chortopita’ pie. Concerning meat, Cretans used to consume mainly local goat, young lamp and rabbit (meat from animals raised in the mountainous areas). Rabbit casserole with onions is a Cretan delicacy as well as the lamp with herbs, staka cheese and potatoes cooked in the old traditional stone oven. Moreover, one of the most traditional Cretan dishes is snails cooked in various ways and chicken and lamb risotto served with goat’s butter. Raki is the local very strong drink of Crete that is produced in late October and it is distilled from grape skins.

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