Heraklion museums

Archeological museum of Archanon: It was inaugurated in 1993, it includes a pottery collection and some stone vases as well as replicas of the most important findings of the area. The findings are exhibited in an elegant manner with explanatory text giving an image of the Minoan civilization. It includes findings of a Minoan cemetery, some replicas of Cycladic figurines, jewelry made of ivory and three sarcophagi made of clay. There are also findings from day to day activities (traces of color, a wine press and some vases made out of clay as well as some tools and ivory objects).

Archeological museum of Heraklion: It is one of the richest in exhibits museums of Greece. There are 20 rooms. In room 1 there are findings of Neolithic civilization 6000 – 2100 BC and also findings from 2600-2000 BC from Knossos, Phaistos, there are also handmade vases with primitive schemes and some bone tools. There are also weapons and tools made of bronze and silver. The findings in rooms 2 and 3 come from the palaces in Knossos and Malia. There are also vases with multi color decoration in a black font. The disc of Phaistos has inscriptions in a spiral form. In rooms 4-10 (1700-1400 BC) there is some form of Minoan pottery, as well as some specimens of linear writing, tomb findings, golden jewelry and day to day objects. In rooms 13-20 the historic continuance in the exhibition of the findings ceases and important findings of Minoan Crete such as frescoes, sarcophagus, sculpture, wooden statues are on exhibit from several areas of Crete.

Historical Museum of Crete: it lies in the center of Heraklio and it is housed in a Neo-classical building. The visitor can have there a brief synopsis of the Cretan history from the early Christian times until the today. Among others frescoes of the 16th century and Turkish inscriptions are on exhibit.

Museum of Nikos Kazantzakis: it is located 15 km from Heraklion in the village of Myrtia. Manuscripts, photos, actor’s costumes in his theatrical plays, also the first editions of his books and their translations in 46 languages are all on display there. There is also a 15 minute video about his life.

Cretan Aquarium: it is located 15 km from Heraklio in the former American military base of Gournon. The visitor can expect 32 tanks with 1600000 liters of water and 2500 organisms. There are also screens that display information about sea creatures. http://www.thalassocosmos.gr/indexen.php

Museum of Natural history: in a building that belongs to the university in Knossos Boulevard there is a museum with zoological, botanical and anthropological department. In the museum there is also one library, a photographical record, and a lab with a rich exhibit of plants and animals.

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