Chania museums

Archeological Museum of Chania: It is located in Chalidon Street which leads to the Venetian port. It is housed in the Venetian Monastery of Saint Francis. It began its operation as a museum in 1969. In there the visitor can find on display findings from several areas of the Chania prefecture from Neolithic Age to Roman Times. The main exhibition in the central part of the building is separated in two sections. In the east part findings of the Neolithic Age until the Post Minoan times are on display and in the west section findings from Geometrical times until the Roman Times are on display. The first section contains findings starting from the excavation of the cave of Platyvola as well as vases of the third millennium BC, there are finding of Mameloukos cave also. In addition there are findings of the settlement Kastelli and some inscriptions of Linear A writing. There are rich tomb findings, jewelry and seals from semi-precious stones as well as vases. The second section of the collection (1000-700 BC) contains vases of clay, iron weapons, jewelry and some black figured vases from Falassarna and Tappa. Gold crowns, earrings and rings of the 4th century are also there. There are frescoes transferred from Kydonia. Finally there are 1062 ancient artifacts from Mitsotaki’s collection.

Archeological Museum of Kissamos:In the central square of the small town of Kissamos there is an exhibition with Minoan findings and some findings from the archeological sites of Polyrrinia and Falasarna. In there you can find a partly excavated Roman Bath as well as findings from excavations from the town of Kissamos with specimens of the Roman period such as floors, marble statues and mosaics as well as amphorae.

Chania war Museum: It is located in a Neoclassical building of 1879 next to the municipal garden. The museum includes rare photos and material from the actions of the Cretan fighters in the Macedonia fight, Balkan wars, 2 world wars and German occupation.

Nautical Museum of Chania: It was founded in 1973 and it is housed in the fortress of Firka. In the exhibits there are models of ships, nautical instruments and photographic materials. There are also paintings and objects that have been found in the seabed.

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